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Bloons Tower Defense 6 ( BTD 6)

In the story of "Bloons Tower Defense 6" game you own an army of monkey warriors, with special abilities. You will have to place monkeys on the playing field, and then keep track of their balloon destruction activity. Each type of monkey will be effective against certain kind of balls. And you, in turn, will have the possibility to pump each monkey in two ways. This nuance gives a feeling of difference to a game, and makes it much more interesting, unlike other games of this genre. Your favorite classic and quite exciting gameplay will not leave you indifferent to this great game. In "BTD 6" creators have added many new features compared to the previous part. For example, gameplay system was slightly modified, and towers can be improved in 8 different ways now, some monsters become stronger in time, and one of the enemies learned to regenerate health. Additionally one of the upgrades was the emergence of so-called agents, once per level you will be able to call one of the agents for the purchase of new monkeys. By the way, one of the most difficult enemies is ZOMG. So total new investments to the game include: the new tower, the ability to upgrade towers, 18 towers with activating abilities and 2 ways to update them, 250 random missions, lots of new enemies, 50 achievements, 3 different game modes and 3 levels of difficulty. Each species of monkeys in this application is unique itself. They can kill enemies in their particular ways and have personal pumping lines. Click on the box to open it and get bonuses on which you can upgrade your characters. Then close the chest and exit the game, set the time on your computer for the next day. Run the program and perform the same operation with the trunk. Repeat as much as necessary and save up money. In the new part camouflaged monsters become more dangerous. Furthermore enemy with new regenerating power is an ultimate opponent now, especially if you don`t kill him quickly. But don`t worry that much, will also receive bonuses and money for each successful level, which is rather good support. There are still many amenities that can be obtained for good gaming. Also, if you get far enough, you will meet a lot of powerful enemies. You are guaranteed to have interesting game.

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